Ebook: The story and cookery of the Banat region, western Romania


An intriguing and delicious collection of recipes showcasing the diversity of the cultures and dishes in the Banat region, western Romania.

‘The story and cookery of the Banat region’ is a mini collection of recipes through which I tried to showcase the diversity of a region in Romania that is little known to people. Sometimes even to Romanians. I selected and focused on a handful of ethnic dishes, from Austrian and German to Serbian and Bulgarian.

These recipes are in fact accompanying the dishes that are already in my book ‘Carpathia’ and are loved across the whole country, including in the Banat.

At the end of this book, I wrote a few pages about the historic milestones of the region, which can shed light on how and why so many cultures came to live here.

What is included:

  • 57 pages of recipes, images, facts and stories about the region
  • 2 starters (vegetarian)
  • 2 types of breads
  • 2 main dishes with meat
  • 3 main dishes, vegetarian
  • 4 desserts, 1 of which is gluten free.
  • 1 introduction to the area
  • 1 epilogue with the historical milestones of the region.
  • All in one instantly downloadable pdf. After payment, you will be able to click on the title of the ebook in your 'Basket' and download it.