Christmas present idea: 5th February, Romanian Plăcinta dobrogeană cookery class


Saturday 5th February 2022 from 6pm UK time.

We will make a three course meal: plăcintă dobrogeană cheese pie, potato salad and baked apples.



Plăcinta dobrogeană – is a famous cheese pie in Romania, coming from Dobrogea, a region between the Black Sea and the Danube river in the south east of the country. Here the cuisine carries the flavours of the Middle East, Central Asia and the Balkans. The pie has just the right combination of flavours and textures to make it an exciting dish to serve to family and friends. I have adapted the recipe to suit an online course. The pie can be served warm or cold, hence you can use the leftovers for your lunch the following day.

We will make a potato salad for when the pie is ready.

Baked apples – we love baked apples in Romania, it is a dish that warms us from the inside out, delicately scented and sweetened with honey. It ends the meal on a light note.

Diets and preferences: The course is vegetarian but not vegan or gluten free.
Prepping: Minimal, weighing the ingredients.

The course will be held on Zoom. Closer to the date, you will receive all the recipes and instructions and a link to the class on Zoom. I can send you an online gift card too.