Christmas present idea: 15th January, Alivenci cornmeal savoury cake cookery class


15th January from 6pm-7:45 pm UK time

A journey to the heart of Romanian cuisine in three iconic dishes: alivenci, gherkin stew, papanasi.



You will cook a three course meal for four people and have some cornmeal cake leftover for a snack on the following day.

This course is a journey to the heart of Romanian cuisine in three iconic dishes.

Alivenci – a savoury cornmeal cake with cheese, yoghurt and herbs that can be served as a starter and also a side dish with the main course.

Mâncare de castraveți – we will talk about pickles and fermented vegetables, while making a fantastic, tangy-sweet gherkin stew in tomato sauce. Perfect to mop up the sauce with the thick slices of cornmeal cake.

Quick papanși – to finish in style, we’ll also make a quick version of the famous Romanian dessert, moreish curd cheese doughnuts served with crème fraîche, smântână, and blueberry jam.

While cooking, you will learn about the cultural influences of Romanian cuisine, and a few tricks on how to cook with cornmeal ‘the Romanian way’ and how to make doughnuts in minutes.

This class will make a wonderful gift for family and friends.

Prepping: No prepping needed ahead of the course, apart from slicing the mushrooms and weighing all the ingredients.
Diets and preferences: The course is vegetarian but not suitable for vegan, dairy free or gluten free.

The course will be held on Zoom. Closer to the date, you will receive all the recipes and instructions and a link to the Zoom  class. I can send you an online gift card too.