Carpathia – Food from the heart of Romania

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For Canada, it’s on Thomas Allen & Son here or Indigo here. For Australia, the link is here.

For Romania, the book is available in English at Carturesti here.

German translation here: Carpatia. Hungarian translation here: Kárpátok ízei

Please also check your local independent bookshops, which need our support more than ever before.

“At a time when we are all forced to stay at home, travelling in the kitchen can be a great comfort. And I have been so grateful for Irina Georgescu for taking me to Romania through the pages of her wonderful book, Carpathia. Every page is imbued with generosity, the spirit of community, and the flavours of a rich and varied culture: it makes for an uplifting, inspiring and gorgeously transporting read right now.” Read the reviews of more award-winning authors here. 

Nigella Lawson

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